Hi, I am an awarded professional photographer and filmographer from Sweden with 30+ years experience I am living and working in New Zealand with Auckland as base. Call me for a free quote today, my general hourly rate is $99/h for me, my gear and [when needed] an assistant, I can travel if its within the negotiated budget.

I can help you with any photography you need, adventures from Skiing and Climbing (two of my own sports) to hardcore endurance races, I can cover it. Corporate party’s, performances or live music, I do it all. Product shots or portraits, no problem, got the gear the knowledge and the will to help. (Corporate fees are $199/h).

Due to high demand wedding prices are to be negotiated as there are to many variables to calculate.

If you are after a classic wedding photographer I suggest you look elsewhere, I don’t work that way. I need to meet and discuss what and how you want to look like on your day, what feel you want your images to convey and how much time you will allow for me to have your attention, or you can just let me take care of it all for you, that is what I do.

I will give you [included in the price] ALL your files, that’s JPEGs full sized (or in any preferred format) and the RAW files as well (digital negatives), this is only one of the things that makes me unique to the photography market in New Zealand.

CALL FREE PHONE 0508/100 000